Solo Albums

2010 release:

Mellow and powerful, Az is an musical arrow prayer bringing the depths of Jewish spiritual power right to your heart.

—Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Executive and Editor-in-Chief, Reclaiming Judaism Press &

Most Jewish liturgical music is familiar — which is a good thing, since everyone can sing along. But for people who have gotten tired of the same yai-di-dai’s, Shir Yaakov’s offers many breaths of fresh air. Some of these songs may become new classics, sung around campfires and Shabbat dinner tables. Others are personal and introspective. All of them give new meaning to old words, which is truly a blessing.

–Jay Michaelson is a writer, scholar, and activist.

2008 release:

Shir Yaakov has brilliantly uncovered deep themes in these prayers, which he has managed to express through music. Zeh (this) זה is a treasure for anyone engaged with Jewish life, practice or spirituality.

—Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, co-founder and executive director of Mechon Hadar

I love Zeh and play it in my first grade classroom. The kids love it, it is calming and I don’t have to play annoying Jewish music.

—Jory, a Jewish Educator, Coach and Yoga Teacher

A striking and lovely expression of […] deep devotion, thoughtful embrace of text, playful exuberance and gentle reverence for the Teachings of Love. Shir Yaakov’s spirit is well-supported by careful musicality in melodies that go straight to the heart.

—Rabbi Shefa Gold

I was transporting my bunny rabbit from Boston to CT and he was terrified to be in the car but when I put Zeh on he totally chilled out. We enjoyed the ride together :) The CD is magic and your voice is butter!

–Rabbi Tiferet Gordon

2006 release:

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