Shir Yaakov 2012 sqShir Yaakov is a rabbi, singer, composer, designer, producer, teacher and Aba. Whether as Romemu’s Creative Director, lifecycle officiant, stage artist performing with The Epichorus or Darshan; in synagogues, yeshivas, and intentional communities around the world; and in Jewish, multi-faith, and non-affiliated spiritual contexts, Shir Yaakov weaves a tapestry of Kabbalistic wisdom, contemporary songwriting, and deep personal spirituality. He has recorded and released four albums of original music. As a spiritual leader, he facilitates ritual in a variety of contexts, from Chabad houses to multifaith, LGBTQ, & permaculture communities.

Shir Yaakov blends ancient and emerging wisdom to create a spiritual cultural Judaism that is contemporary, alive, and innovative. Shir Yaakov holds non-denominational rabbinic ordination, and works in formal and informal educational settings as a rabbi, teacher, and musician.