Voice of America Radio Interview

Voice of America Radio Interview

I was interviewed for Voice of America —a radio station with an estimated 150 million end users around the world every week in 43 languages! — along with dear friends Basya Schechter and Noah Hoffeld, by Romemu member and journalist Adam Phillips on how Younger Jews Reshape High Holiday Music.

“Every note is a breath,” [Shir Yaakov Feit] said, “and there is an incredible sensitivity to each moment that develops the more we sing in community. Which is happening on conscious and completely deep unfathomable levels… And the body is totally alive in the moment of song when singing that way.”

Feit has also composed in the Jewish musical genre called niggunim, wordless repetitive melodies sung by groups that can induce a sense of shared spiritual ecstasy.

“We are now kind of gathering the sparks and rekindling the fire of vibrant, celebratory, complete Jewish spirituality. But it’s with some scar tissue….”

Listen to the entire interview above and read the complete transcript.